Grimani bastion, which owes its name to the Venetian commander Francesco Grimani, is built on the northeast corner of the Taron’s Castle. Construction work began in 1702 and completed in 1076 as part of the reconstruction of the eastern wall of the lower city during the second Venetian occupation.

The Grimani bastion or knows as San Antonio had four cannon positions, which have been built to protected Acronauplia and the narrow road leading to the Land Gate. It has four sides and at its lower part there are large stones protruding in style THE so-called “Rustic”, while the stones below follow an almost isodomic style.

In northern and eastern wall stands the hallmark of the Venetian fortifications, the emblem of the winged lion of Venice, symbol of the prostate, the evangelist Mark. Today the bastion is well maintained and is visible from the Land Gate and the Staikopoulou Park.


At the entrance of the old town of Nafplion and at a short distance from the Venetian Grimani bastion, with great care we created the homonymous pension.

Overlooking Palamidi or the walls of Acronafplia Grimani pension hopes to offer you a relaxing and memorable stay.

Pension’s rooms and attics, all decorated in a modern style, dressed with relaxing colors to transform your stay into a pleasant respite from the everyday.

On the ground floor the old storage timber family turned into a cafe-bistro with vintage décor, known as Grimany Caffe.

Whether enjoying a coffee or one of our delicious dishes, it is sure that you will feel like home…